Heboss International
Shipping Declassified Material Since 1992

Some Heboss key figures

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Heboss International N.V. was founded in 1992 by Michael Bosschaerts and Yolande De Groote and is still led by the Heboss family today. As a global steel trader, Heboss specialises in the export and import of steel products and, in particular, of downgraded or declassified material. Working with Heboss means working with an efficient, knowledgeable partner who puts quality of service first.

Central location in the heart of Europe

Heboss is strategically situated in Antwerp, Europe’s second largest port. This means quick and easy shipping around the globe. However, Heboss is also able to cross-trade from and to any partner, anywhere and at any time.

Expert in shipping and handling

All orders are handled in-house at Heboss. That way, we can ensure an efficient and secure shipping process. Our long-standing contacts with banks all over the world give us access to a range of international payment systems such as letters of credit, allowing for a swift payment process and thus, quick shipping.

What is downgraded/declassified material?

Heboss buys declassified material mostly directly from reputable factories or service centres. It is produced as prime quality steel but shows mainly minor flaws such as dents or scratches. The material may be out of tolerance for European or American standards but often in good condition. Heboss trades this material at an attractive price point.

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